Susol Breakers

Susol Breakers

Susol Breakers

Susol (MCCB) Molded Case Circuit breakers

For protection of power distribution

Susol (MCCB) Molded Case Switch

For protecting and disconnecting circuits

Building a Panel?

Susol has both through-door extended rotary handle operators (shown in picture) and flexible cable flange mounted operators.

Susol is considerably more cost-effective than any of its competitors.

If you are a panel builder, then you have seen the high cost of Wesco, GE, Stromberg, Cutler-Hammer, and others, almost to the point that a panel builder will generally not install the main breaker in their panel and leave the installation electrician install an overcurrent protection device (or disconnect means) ahead of the panel.

Especially for Panel Builders - Consider Susol Main and/or branch breakers along with their through-door or flange mounted operators. When you consider the cost of Susol, you will really wonder why the other manufacturers of molded case breakers are so costly in comparison.

Susol molded case and Noark branch & supplemental breakers are stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.

Complete list of Susol molded-case
breakers: catalog (pdf)