Chicken Layer Barns

chicken barn facility

What is a PLC or an HMI?

Before we started on this project with Glenbea Farms, we had no idea how much automation was needed for chicken farming! It involves more than the conveyor belts that bring in feed and take out eggs. Temperature, humidity, lighting - they all need to be strictly controlled in order to encourage peak egg production. Daily reporting and the ability to provide all needed information during an audit is also important.

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There were two main components to consider. First of all: functionality. Our programming team had to get a handle on all of the factors involved, and then design a PLC program that would monitor and control them all. That took a lot of work and collaboration with our customer. We wanted to make sure that it was right for them and not only met but exceeded all of their needs.

The second component was esthetics. We wanted to design a touchscreen that was intuitive as well as attractive. After all, our customer was investing in a state-of-the-art facility, and we wanted the HMI to look like it. We came up with several designs before the final screen layout was selected:

Examples of screen drafts:

chicken layer barn plc touch panel draft chicken layer barn plc touch panel draft chicken layer barn plc touch panel draft

If you work with Electram to design your new chicken barn, you will receive the same level of care. We know that this is a huge investment, and we will work with you to provide a custom program on a high quality Lenze PLC, with an HMI touch screen that you approve of.

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