Diversity Factor

One of the most commonly overlooked elements of converter selection is the Diversity Factor. Rotary Phase Converters have a diversity/load factor similar to new power supply installations. If the total load reaches 80% of the full load capability of the converter, then the next larger converter should be selected.

The important aspect of staying within this diversity factor results in lower total single phase amperage consumption. This occurs due to the larger Phase Converter keeping the manufactured phase voltage slightly higher than the incoming power supply.

Even though a PhaseMAXX - 40T can operate a total of 120 HP, at 120 HP load the manufactured phase voltage will be lower than the input voltage resulting in higher single phase amperage. While the single phase voltage remains constant, an increase in current raises the total single phase KVA, hence the same load operating on a PhaseMAXX - 50T, where the manufactured voltage remains higher than the input voltage, will consume less amperage.

Quite often, it may be easy to overlook the operating cost savings of a larger converter versus that of a smaller product when only the capital cost of the installation is considered. The best course of action is to discuss your specifics with one of our application engineers. Don't just purchase the smallest and most cost-effective converter you can find. You might just end up spending your equally important dollars in higher operating costs.

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