Sprecher + Schuh

Electric Motor Contactors & Overload Relays

CA7 Contactors up to 75 HP

Dual power terminals speed wiring.

CA7-30 through 85 contactors are designed with two power terminals for all three poles. This simplifies power wiring of interconnected contactors in reversing, reduced voltage and two-speed applications. Simplified wiring means less labor and less cost.

Sprecher + Schuh contactors are also available with electronic DC coil for direct control from a PLC.

The electronic DC coil has low power consumption designed to control electric motors and other loads and is especially alligned to the specific requirement of electronic control circuits. The low power consumption of 1.7 allows direct control through PLCs without the need for interposing relays. Power dissipation is greatly reduced limiting the heat effect in control panels.

Series CA6 Contactors up to 700 HP. The modern contactor for demanding applications

Sprecher + Schuh's CA6 contactor line combines the simple function of our popular CA7 contactor series with the rugged performance demanded in this middle horsepower range. On average these contactors are 50% smaller than traditional contactors in this size class.

A broad selection for middle horsepower applications

The CA6 contactor family consists of a wide range of amperages in several frame sizes. This line is ideally suited for demanding applications such as steel mills, rock quarries, mines or for any middle horsepower application where a sturdy, durable contactor is needed.

Built in Safety Features

The CA6 contactor series has a built in safety feature that disengages the coil contacts and locks them in place when the contactor cover is opened for inspection. Conversely, when the contactor is energized, the cover cannot be removed. This feature ensures the current carrying components are power free during maintenance or replacement operations. Contact replacements can be installed quickly and safely, extending the life of the contactor.

Rugged and reliable

CA6 contactors conform to UL508, as well as IEC 947 and can be operated at rated voltages up to 600V (UL) and 1000V (IEC). High thermal and switching capacities guarantee reliable operation and long life. CA6 contactors are listed in CSA Certified Elevator Equipment for heavy duty use in elevators, refrigerators and heating installations in Canada.

Arc quenching extends contact life

All CA6 contactors are designed with sophisticated arc quenching techniques that extinguish damaging breaking arcs quickly.

Electronic coils offer many advantages

Behind the attractive outward appearance of the CA6 contactor are advanced engineering solutions that offer convenience and savings. The CA6-115-EI through 420-EI incorporate an electronically controlled coil that reduces pick-up currents by 60% on average. Holding current is also reduced. The CA6 electronic coil also permits direct connection to a PLC.

Reversible coil provides total flexibility

When shipped, both coil connections are normally located at the top of the contactor in preparation for mounting an overload relay at the bottom. For multi-starter panels, however, the coil can be reversed. CA7 contactors can either be ordered with the coil reversed or may be easily reversed in the field.

CT7N Bimetallic Thermal Overload Relays

Ensure reliable protection with current-limiting calibration & ambient temperature compensation.

Sprecher + Schuh has always paid particular attention to the subject of motor protection. This concern is reflected in our CT line of thermal overload relays that include many standard features not available with traditional overload protection devices. And, CT7N overload relays are designed to mount directly to the load side of Sprecher + Schuh CA7 Contactors.

Consistent and reliable protection

The consistent high quality of Sprecher + Schuh thermal overload relays is ensured by a complex current calibration procedure performed after each unit is at full operating temperature. Calibration is performed at the largest and smallest current the overload can handle. The accurate time/current characteristic curve obtained in this manner guarantees reliable motor protection every time.

Superior Class 10 characteristics

Today's T-Frame motors have less copper and iron that the old U-Frame motors that were popular when traditional Class 20 overload relays were designed. For this reason, faster Class 10 overloads like the CT Series have been recognized by many motor manufacturers as the ideal type to assure optimum protection of "T" frame motors.

Protection from single phase conditions

A unique feature not found in traditional thermal overload relays provides accelerated tripping under single phase conditions. This is accomplished with a special "differential tripping" mechanism built into CT7N.

Disconnect Switches

L7 Switches for 16A to 100A Modular Design Minimizes Inventory

Sprecher + Schuh's L7 Series of disconnect switches incorporates modular design techniques to provide maximum functionality with the fewest number of parts. These rugged switches are compact, reliable and the ideal choice for all disconnect applications including motor disconnects. Just the right switch for your application, L7 Disconnect Switches are available in four frame sizes up to 100 amps. The smaller L7s come in three and six pole models, as well as three pole changeover switches.

A full complement of switch handles and accessories including auxiliary contact blocks, ground and neutral terminals make the L7 line broad enough to tackle virtually any disconnect duty. Full range of enclosed disconnects for any job From "do-it-yourself" to fully assembled, we offer a complete selection of three, four and six pole enclosed disconnects for any industrial application.

Meets the toughest safety standards

All switches are touch safe to IP20, while most switch handles are rated for strong water jets to IP66. Excellent making and breaking characteristics provide a level of safety that, in many cases, exceeds international standards.

Modular, flexible and easy to assemble, the versatile L7 line is fully modular. All accessories snap-on and off without the use of tools, speeding assembly. The L7's modular design minimizes inventory with features such as universal auxiliary contact blocks... virtually every block fits all frame sizes. Both metal and plastic shaft extension systems are available to accommodate most panel depths.

L11 Fusible and Non-Fusible Switching to 1200A

Suitable For Use in Service Entrance Applications, Sprecher + Schuh's L11 series of fused and non-fused disconnect switches comply with UL98 service entrance requirements and are NFPA 79 compliant.

This family of rod-operated switches is suitable for applications that require small panel space and superior short circuit protection. Big performance in a small package L11 disconnects are rated up to 1200A and can be operated at up to 600V. They protect motors up to 500HP (@480V).

The L11 may be installed on circuits capable of delivering up to 200,000A of short circuit fault current, levels typically found in modern industrial facilities. These rod-operated disconnect switches also incorporate removable fuse carriers with an optional LED blown fuse indicator carrier.

This performance comes in a small package, leaving room for additional branch circuit components within the panel. Maximum protection for downstream equipment L11 switches are UL98 as a branch circuit protection device and are engineered to provide excellent short-circuit protection for downstream equipment.

The L11 fusible switches accept the latest small-dimension Class CC, J and HRCII fuses. This Type 2 protection limits let-through currents to levels specified for IEC equipment, and ensures that when the short circuit is cleared, the device will be operable.

Meets the toughest safety standards

The L11 offers a modular universal internal handle which provides an interlocked handle for test mode use and UL508A and NFPA 79 compliance in North America. The L11 30 and 60 amp units are equipped with removable fuse carriers which provide dead-front switch protection during fuse change-out.

Fuse carriers with LED blown fuse indicators are also available as an option on the 30 and 60 amp devices. Test mode D7 auxiliary contacts may be installed to provide test capability of control circuit without energizing the main contacts.

All of the L11 switches meet IP20 for finger-safe wiring terminals and IP30 for touch-safe fuse carriers.

Explosion Proof starters

Safe and reliable starting in hazardous applications. Sprecher + Schuh's custom controls panel shop offers explosion proof starters for environments covered by NEMA, UL, NEC & CSA classifications.

Type 7/Type 9 and Type 4 Protection.

Type 7 enclosures are designed to provide protection against an internal explosion when operated in a hazardous gas environment.

Type 9 enclosures protect from internal explosion in a hazardous dust environment. Both types must also prevent enclosed heat generating mechanisms from causing external surfaces to reach temperatures capable of igniting explosive gas-air mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere.

Sprecher + Schuh explosion proof starters meet all requirements of both classifications.

Explosion proof enclosures are also equipped with a watertight Nitrile gasket for compliance with Type 4 specifications.

Safty Standards
Organization Standard
NEC Class I, Groups B, C, D
Class II, Groups E, F, G
Class III
UL Standard 1203
Hazardous (Classified)
CSA Standard 22.2

Starting with the best

At the heart of all Sprecher + Schuh combination explosion proof starters is the CAT7 and CAT6 line of motor starters. These starters are compact and offer intermediate sizes to better match specific motor requirements. This equates to generous wiring space and less wasted horsepower capacity.

Standard Sprecher + Schuh explosion proof starters are equipped with state of the art CEP7 solid-state overload relays. CEP7 solid state overload relays measure motor current directly through integrated current transformers and on board electronics (ASICs). The electronics provide numerous advantages over electromechanical relays such as increased accuracy, a wider adjustment range, lower energy usage, and less heat generation which requires less cooling.

Combination starters for protection and convenience

Explosion-proof combination starters can include either a UL489 approved Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker (MCCB), or non-fusible disconnect. The MCCB utilizes the instantaneous trip ability of a magnetic breaker for short circuit currents combined with the overload tolerance of thermal circuit breakers for normal starting demands. An MCCB can also be quickly reset after the fault has been cleared. A molded case switch (MCP) is used in applications requiring only a non-fused disconnect.

Sprecher + Schuh uses top of the line molded case circuit breakers and MCPs from quality suppliers.

Factory installed features

A wide range of specially designed explosion proof cover control devices and switches are available.

Explosion proof starters from Sprecher + Schuh are factory assembled in our custom panel shop and can be specified from the catalog with a range of standard options and other modifications, including breather drains, ATEX certifications and any other special requirements you may need.

KWIK starters

Sprecher + Schuh offers a broad selection of pre-assembled or "build-from-stock" starters housed in either a CUL-approved Type 1, 12K enclosure or a UL-Approved Type 4, 4X, 12 enclosure.

Built for convenience, space savings and economy, KWIK starters are efficiently designed to use stock CA7 contactors and CT7K thermal overload relays or the advanced CEP7 solid state overload.

Contactor and overload are either prewired and pre-mounted onto the enclosure's built-in DIN-rail or may be ordered as separate components. Ample knockouts and open terminals guarantee quick, no fuss wiring.

Often referred to as "manual type" starters, the KWIK starters are full-voltage magnetic motor starters complete with electrically-connected pushbuttons or selector switches.

KWIK starters are sized for most industrial applications

These starters control motors up to 25HP @ 460V (30HP @ 575V) in an enclosure measuring only 187 x 90mm (7-3/8" x 3-1/2"). This covers over 85% of industrial motor control applications in a very compact package that can be mounted adjacent to or directly on equipment.

Designed for Simplicity

The enclosure for the KWIK starter is designed for simplicity. The START button mechanically interfaces with a special side mounted N.O. auxiliary (Cat.# CA7-PA-H10) with minimal wiring. The STOP button also mechanically interfaces with the N.C. contact on the overload relay, providing STOP and RESET functions with no additional wirig.

On/Off or Hand/Off/Auto selectors are also available options in the (30 - 43A) contactor series with (9 - 45A) overload relay.

Sprecher + Schuh Motor Circuit Protectors

KT7 Control and Protection to 45A UL Approved for a Wide Variety of Applications

Sprecher + Schuh's KT7 series of Motor Circuit Controllers are some of the most versatile and technologically advanced control products available today. These devices can be used in a variety of control schemes that reduce panel space, simplify installation and eliminate the need for more expensive equipment.

Variety of models... Increased ratings...

Sprecher + Schuh's KT7 controller family offers higher interrupting capacities (KAIC ratings), improved Type 2 Coordination and a midsize frame rated to 45A. In addition, the line includes "high break" 25A and 32A devices which offer greater withstand ratings in a smaller frame size.

Designed for multiple applications UL rules allow KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers to be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

Multi-motor applications

Popular and money saving Because of KT7's Construction Type E-UL Rating as a self-protected combination starter, many group motor installations can utilize an even simpler design and less expensive equipment. The result is minimum panel size and maximum flexibility while avoiding cumbersome NEC group motor rules. 60mm Bus Bar systems can be utilized to provide a cost effective and flexible multi-starter panel assembly.

For design assistance or technical clarification on multi-motor or bus bar systems contact Technical Support.

Excellent short circuit protection characteristics Approaching 3/1000 of a second. This results in the extremely rapid buildup of an arc voltage which limits the current of the short circuit to a very low level. Because of this superb current limiting capability, KTA Motor Circuit Controllers have a short circuit capacity of up to 65kA at 480V and up to 47kA at 600V.

Superb thermal overload protection

Every KT7 device is individually calibrated at the factory for the smallest and largest current it can handle. When coupled with automatic ambient temperature compensation over a range of -25°C to +60°C, very accurate thermal overload protection is obtained. In addition, the KT7 is a Class 10 device. It trips within 10 seconds under locked rotor conditions (6 x FLA). This better protects today's T-Frame motors.

Construction Type E Listing

Improved current limiting and breaking capacity has allowed KT7s to be UL / CSA listed as self-protected (Construction Type E) manual combination motor controllers. This eliminates the need for an upstream fuse or circuit breaker when using the KT7 as a manual motor starter. In addition, KT7s also meet UL requirements for "at-motor disconnects," which means they can be used in an enclosure with a lockable handle as a manual motor starter for individual circuits, and are also an approved means of motor disconnect.

Reference: Methods of applying KT7 motor circuit controllers

Type E + combo starter + economy = "Ecombo" starter.

When the KT7 self-protected manual combination starter is combined with Sprecher + Schuh's CA7 contactor to provide remote operation, we now have an alternative to the classic combination starter. We call these "Ecombo" starters, which save significant dollars and panel space over conventional combo starters. Ecombo starters are available for applications up to 30HP (@460/600V).

Special units for special applications KTC7 controllers are available with a fixed magnetic trip set at 16...20x the maximum value of the current adjustment range (as opposed to 13x for the KTA and KTB7). This prevents nuisance tripping in applications utilizing high efficiency motors for example.

The KTB7 model is available without the thermal trip feature if a separate motor overload is required. Combine KTB7 with a CA7 Contactor and CEP7 Overload Relay to create the CLT7 3-component Ecombo starter.

Other protection features All KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers provide accelerated tripping under single phase conditions. This is accomplished with a special "differential tripping" mechanism built into each device.

Sprecher + Schuh Soft Starters

PCS Series to 400 HP Overview

The PCS electric motor soft starter Controller is one of Sprecher + Schuh's newest solid-state controllers, with rich features at an economical price. This softstarter is specifically designed to start 3-phase electric motors (up to 400HP @ 460V / 500HP @ 575V), but is very compact, easy to use and DIN-rail mountable for models up to 85A. Four standard starting modes are available with the PCS Controller:

Extending the PCS Softstarter Controllers, 108...480 Amps

The PCS product offering has been expanded from 85A to 480A (up to 400HP @ 460V). The new range provides a highly accurate and reliable device with increased intelligence in a compact footprint.

PF Series to 1000 HP (3-wire), or 1400 HP (6 wire) Overview

These intelligent electric motor soft starters offer precise programming set-up with built-in keypad & LCD display, and are provided with eight standard starting modes:

The PF electric motor soft starters are fully intelligent devices that have the following features:

Self Contained, Ready To Install

In one small package, PCS electric motor Controllers offer a built-in overload relay, a bypass contactor and a microprocessor controller that provides soft starting for most industrial applications. The standard Soft Start mode provides a smooth voltage ramp-up to full motor speed, while the Current Limit Starting mode limits inrush in high inertia applications. A Soft Stop feature ramps down high friction loads smoothly, eliminating sudden deceleration in these applications.

For Use Anywhere

Sprecher Schuh PCS electric motor Softstarters come in three different frame sizes. The smallest frame is from 3A...37A, the middle size is from 43A...85A and the largest frame size is 108A...135A. These units are available from 200V...600V - 50/60 Hz. This assures the devices can be used anywhere in the world.

Connect any soft-starter to KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers for branch circuit protection

Many convenient features

PCS Soft-starters are reliable and easy to use.

Features include: